Grain Vacs

ConveyAir Ultima 62

Conveyair™ Ultima Series grain vacs remove dust and contaminate from the grain as it is being processed through the vac. The grain is then pushed on a cushion of air to your truck or your bin. This process not only is gentler to your grain but is also safer than working in a dusty, enclosed environment. .

Ultima62 Specifications

Suction: 6"

Discharge: 6"

Length: 99" / 252 cm

Width: 93" / 236 cm

Transport Height: 98" / 249 cm

Boom Discharge Height: 12' / 3.7 m

PTO Speed: 1000

Recommended HP: 110 HP

Capacity (BPH)*

Soybeans: 2800-3600

Wheat: 3000-3800

Canola: 3000-3700

Barley/Corn: 3200-4000

More Information about this model can be found in the brochure below.

Handlair 560/566/680

The versatility, flexibility, and performance of Handlair® is unmatched in the grain vac industry. Unlike most grain vacs which are limited to truck loading, a Handlair can fill tall bins, silos, and flat storage; transfer grain over long distances (several hundred feet); and gently handle seed grains – all while using lightweight 4″ to 6″ piping that makes set-up, operation, and take-down a breeze.c.


Piping: 4, 5, or 6″

Offset-hitch Frame

Fender Package

Swivel Truck-Loading-Kit (TLK)

Positive Displacement Air Pump (Blower)


Swivel Cyclone

Gearbox Drive

Remote Hydraulic Control

Capacity (BPH)*

Model 560/680

Soybeans: 2600-3300 | 3100-4100

Wheat: 2800-3600 | 3300-4300

Oats: 4000-5000 | 4500-5500

Corn: 3200-4000 | 3500-4500

More information about different models can be found in the brochure link below

More Information about this model can be found in the brochure below.

Handlair 404

The new Handlair® 404 model is an affordable, total-system workhorse for the smallest of operations; and a cost-effective complement for the largest. This compact vacuum/pressure machine can be used for all dry free flow able products. Use it for clean up, short transfers, pit clean out, filling tote bags, and truck or rail car spills.


This compact portable bulk transfer system was designed for small hard to reach places. It is bigger than a shop vac and smaller than the traditional grain vac, making it perfect for those odd jobs.

Place it in the back of your pick-up truck and transport it just about anywhere.

The forklift frame may be accessed from all sides so positioning this vac is easy in those hard to reach locations.

An optional truck load out kit is available in two sizes: Short (5'3") for filling totes and Tall (12' 2") for filling a truck.

Stainless steel components are available for sensitive products.

Heavy-duty commercial positive displacement blower with hardened gears.

Self-powered by a 37 HP Kohler engine.

Heavy-duty cast airlock is self-cleaning with adjustable tips and vented endplates.

Self-contained hydraulics drive the airlock

Uses 4" pipe with easy to connect camlock couplers.

Patented air filtration systems prevents dust from entering blower.

VacBoss 3056/4066/6068

The VacBoss is the result of our customer’s demands for a truly industrial vac … one that would require less maintenance even when conveying large volumes of dusty, sticky products. VacBoss is the first vac able to withstand the rigorous conveying conditions of commercial bulk handling environments. With nearly 100% filtering efficiency, the BlowerGard Filtration system increases blower life and protects your VacBoss investment over time. High volume operators no longer have to budget for annual or bi-annual blower rebuilds typically necessary with conventional vacs..


BlowerGard™ Filtration with MicroTube™ Filters and VibraShaker™ Cleaning System

RVI™ Reduced Velocity Inlet

Airlock Truck™ Access System

Vacuum Breaker

Quiet-Pac Blower Inlet and Discharge Silencers

Access Platform

Capacity (BPH)*

Model 6068 10ft

Soybeans: 4800-5800

Wheat: 5000-6000

Oats: 5600-6100

Corn: 5300-5700

Barley: 5100-5900

More information about different models can be found in the brochure link below


Push your grain on a cushion of air.

PUSH-PAC conveyors are compact, self-contained pressure-only pneumatic systems designed to convey grain to silos and bins. Versatile, powerful, and easy to install, PUSH-PACs efficiently and gently “push” grain 100′ to 250′ (30m to 75m) or more.

Push-Pacs are ideal for transferring grain to or from dryers, trucks, dump pits, hoppers, storage bins, silos, mixers, bunkers, railcars, and feed bins.

PUSH-PACs are portable enough to service several grain transfer sites. Convenient forklift base and lifting loops make moving the PUSH-PAC system a simple operation.

Choose from five basic PUSH-PAC models to meet your grain transfer needs:


Conveying Capabilities

Model 30

Model 40

Model 50

Model 60

10 HP

15 HP


50 HP

1 or 3 Phase

3 Phase

3 Phase

3 Phase





300-500 Bu/Hr

500-800 Bu/Hr

900-1300 Bu/Hr

1200-1900 Bu/Hr

8.0-13.6 mt/Hr

13.6-21.8 mt/Hr

24.5-35.4 mt/Hr

32.7-51.7 mt/Hr


Finally a vacuum tough enough to tackle rocks and debris!

Originally designed for fast, shovel-free removal of rock during landscape renovation projects, the RockVac is proving to be the world’s most versatile landscape and construction vac.

In virtually any wet or dry application, the RockVac is capable of sucking up rocks, wood chips and shavings, sand, gravel, leaves, compost, mud, sludge, glass, and debris. The possibilities are endless.

By vacuuming instead of shoveling you can fill a 5 cubic foot wheelbarrow in less than 3 minutes!

Two people and a RockVac can do jobs better and faster than jobs normally requiring 5 or 6 people the old fashioned way!

Increase the number of projects per week without adding labor. Throw away the shovels and start using a RockVac today!

This one of a kind machine can do it all!

Originally designed to remove rock during landscape renovation projects, this machine has evolved into one of the most versatile industrial vacuums on the market.

With the Suction power to move rock at distances of over 50′, and the blower protection system to handle the dustiest, dirtiest products, the RockVac meets the challenge of any application head-on.

Whether its rock, wood, sand, or leaves and other debris. The RockVac has the power to tackle your most difficult projects.

GSX Series Grain Shuttles

The GSX Series Grain Shuttle is a portable drive over grain hopper designed to make unloading grain trailers into a bin quick and easy. Designed for farmers with multiple bin sites, the GSX Series Drive over hopper is quick and easy to transport. The Drive over auger can be towed behind a tractor or a pickup and quickly lowered to the ground for operation. Spring assisted ramps to make set-up and transport a one-person operation. The low 7 3/8" deck of the GSX Drive over hopper height means standard, non-Ag hopper trailers will have plenty of clearance. The 60" long ramps create a gentle slope that any truck can climb over.

The Drive over hopper is meant to save time when unloading a grain trailer. The 48" long GSX Series Grain Shuttles opening helps to accomplish that. With a 48" hopper opening you can completely open the grain chute door without moving the truck. No more dumping most of the hopper then re-positioning the truck to fully open the door and finish the job. With GSX Series Grain Shuttles you stop the truck, dump the front hopper then move the truck one time to dump the back hopper. When finished, drive away without having to roll or swing hoppers out of the way.

A standard side-dump hopper can be used to dump gravity wagons. There is no need to move the drive over the hopper to access the bin fill auger with a wagon.

Two different sizes of GSX Series Grain Shuttles are available. The GSX 100 has a 10" discharge grain auger and two 6" horizontal augers capable of conveying up to 4500 bushels per hour. The GSX 130 has a 13" discharge auger and three 6" horizontal augers capable of conveying up to 9000 bushels per hour. Both sizes of the portable drive over hopper are available with hydraulic or electric motors.

GSX Series Grain Shuttles


Farm King has been manufacturing BackSaver augers for more than four decades. The same principles used back then still apply today when choosing materials that go into every auger, grade A steel and functional design. Models range in lengths of 50 to 114 feet accompanied by 10, 13 and 16-inch tube sizes. A bridge-like support system allows the auger tubing and flighting to remain stable at all times including raising and lower of the auger. The hydraulic scissor lift resurrects the auger in virtually no time at all. When the spout is in the desired location, a safety hydraulic ball valve can be adjusted to ensure the augers stay when and where you want even in unpredictable weather. The recommended horsepower for peak operation ranges from 40-175 depending on auger size. With 10", 13" and 16" diameter tubing by up to 114' length, the operator is able to move large quantities of grain in short periods of time. Transporting the auger has never been easier with a maximum transport height of 15'.

Models 10" and 13"

FARM KING BACKSAVER AUGERS ARE PRACTICAL, ECONOMICAL AND DEPENDABLE. That dependability has been a benchmark of Farm King BackSaver Augers for many decades. Auger tubing sizes are available in 10" or 13" diameters and lengths ranging from 50 to 114 feet. The 43-1/2" x 60" intake hopper invites large quantities of grain to be quickly moved up the auger and into the bin.

16" Model

THE 16" FARM KING GRAIN AUGERS ARE DESIGNED BY THE PEOPLE WHO KNOW AND UNDERSTAND YOUR GRAIN HANDLING NEEDS. The large 16" tubing by up to 104' length allows the operator to move large quantities of grain in short periods of time. Equipped with a 3" lighting shaft, the Farm King auger handles even the dampest crops with ease.


REM’s GrainVac VRX/VR12 was redesigned from top to bottom. Every piece has been examined, questioned, and extreme tested individually and as part of the whole system – in both controlled environments and in the field. With the VRX/VR12 we have taken design, engineering, and testing to a whole new level. And that is why we can tell you with confidence that this GrainVac sets all new standards in efficiency, speed, and durability. The VRX/VR12 is one tough piece of equipment.



Specifically designed to minimize impact and maximize the auger feed - with the drive shaft mounted on the outside where you can get at it. REM GrainVacs feature leak-proof cleanout doors with the ability to fully open without tools. It’s all about speed and efficiency.


REM GrainVacs use ¼”-thick, chrome flighting that is spring loaded, allowing it to “float” on the bearings. This ensures correct line-up every time you fold the augers up and down.


The REM air system is designed for speed, efficiency and longevity. At a sound volume quieter than the tractor, three critical components work together producing high-pressure suction to pull grain into the machine: the fan, the air throttle and the air lock.


Lasts 25% longer than previous models. This means approximately 80 more hours of working time for the average user (based on extensive testing).


Automatically manages suction according to how much grain is flowing into the system. This allows the user to adjust the amount of grain going through. Suction can be manually adjusted to suit the situation.


Spring-loaded, two flap air lock designed to be pushed as far as needed for the grain to exit the GrainVac fast.

Christianson Seed Vac Model 20/30

Gently transfer the seed to your planter or drill on a cushion of air.

Easier than bags or buckets.

Fast! Fill 16 rows in 8 minutes.

Gain 2 hours of planting per day.

Save – buy your seed in bulk.

Faster planting increases yields.


Power Unit

The power unit is self-contained with a 12-volt battery (Group U1 battery not included) and electric solenoid control. Eliminates messy hydraulics. Air pump is belt driven.

Air Pump

Heavy-duty positive displacement air pump produces powerful air flow for quick, efficient, and gentle transfer of seed to your planter.

Cyclone and Control

Molded plastic cyclone weighs only about seven pounds and gently discharges seed into your planter boxes. Features a handy waterproof switch for easy on/off seed flow control.

Delivery Hose

Light weight yet durable stainless steel delivery hose is very flexible and gentle on your seed.

Quiet-Pac Silencer for SeedVac

All new SeedVacs are equipped with the new Quiet-Pac silencer to substantially reduce blower noise, especially when the SeedVac is under load. Quiet-Pac silencing technology, initially developed for Christianson’s VacBoss brand of industrial class pneumatic conveyors, reinforces SeedVac’s leadership position in the bulk seed conveyor market.

11 HP Honda Gas Engine

The 11HP Honda engine features a 25 degree tilted cylinder, Oil Alert, and electronic ignition.

Christianson Quad-Pro Seed Stand

The Quad-Pro Seed Stand holds 4 hard-sided seed boxes back-to-back so you have more room on your trailer to haul your fertilizer tanks and other equipment to the field.

One central hopper directs the seed into the airlock of the Seed Vac where it is fed into the air stream and gently delivered to your planter or drill.

94" Wide to fit most flat bed trailers.

The center hopper eliminates the need to switch hoses or move the airlock.

Seed boxes are locked into place to secure them to the stand.

A hinged door allows access to the bottom hopper for cleaning.

Christianson Grandstand

Use your truck or trailer bed as a platform.

May be used with a a single box, or multiple.

Add interlocking and self-aligning GrandStand modules that mount to the center of your platform for a balanced load.

Integrated trolley rail makes it easy to move the Seed Vac airlock the entire length of the system,

Accepts old or new style center-flow bulk boxes. Universal mounts accommodate any combination of bulk box styles.

One person operation - all controls and connections are accessed from one side.